Frozen Ping Pong Ball Challenge 

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Challenge Pongfinity back with some weird table tennis experiments!
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27. 05. 2021





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小奈布~ 努力充400訂中
It seem like u guys can play fireball next time 😂
cacahuatito 38
cacahuatito 38 Před dnem
use a move
JosԋuαB Před dnem
Sus videos me transmiten mucha alegría
Suman Bhaktwani
Suman Bhaktwani Před dnem
Play with frozen ping pong ball and frozen table
InfernoYT Před 2 dny
Beeing a professor for 1 and a half minute
Zac Brockway
Zac Brockway Před 2 dny
Play ping pong with a football
lay with a golf ball
Pallavi Lele
Pallavi Lele Před 2 dny
Beat the world record of rally target 8.40 min
Kostas Trelos
Kostas Trelos Před 2 dny
Play ping pong with mobile phone I play with my friend with phone and is amazing
庭禎 01余
庭禎 01余 Před 2 dny
Challenge:Playing table tennis with plastic bottles : )
Ita Haryono
Ita Haryono Před 2 dny
Challenge: Play pingpong with badminton racket
AJ Franco
AJ Franco Před 3 dny
Do ping pong Gun game 4 but sport stuff only
DC Před 3 dny
Play ping pong where you have to hit it around the net every shot
Charlie Před 3 dny
Make your own racket out of things from the dollar store challenge
Minimanz Před 3 dny
Challenge: stand in one place
Multi - Verse
Multi - Verse Před 3 dny
Can you speak tamil
Dicer YT
Dicer YT Před 3 dny
Play ping pong with baby birth simulator to the max sticking on the stomach
monsren Před 3 dny
are u guys Scandinavian?
Brandonwastaken Před 3 dny
Challenge: play ping pong without the wood
Roger Gispert
Roger Gispert Před 3 dny
i'm spanish
Amelia lovesmango
Amelia lovesmango Před 3 dny
You should freeze water on a table making it a frozen top table then play a game with frozen water rackets and a frozen water ball
Liisa3139 Před 3 dny
The two ball game was interesting.
Вячеслав Казанцев
conner turtle
conner turtle Před 3 dny
What paddle do you guys use?
alireza Mahmoodi
alireza Mahmoodi Před 3 dny
Chalenge serve with close eyes 🙂😘🥰
林紀衡 Před 3 dny
I think water billiards is a good idea
Donna Taylor
Donna Taylor Před 4 dny
Challenge: Play ping pong in VR
Rojo Studio's
Rojo Studio's Před 4 dny
challenge: play with the handle of your racket (like in the beginning of stereotypes 4)
Krishiv Kochar
Krishiv Kochar Před 4 dny
Challenge: play table tennis while doing duck walk like coming forward towards the table and picking up the shots
Robert Johnny
Robert Johnny Před 4 dny
Challenge : Play Ping pong ... x)
Topias Hiltunen
Topias Hiltunen Před 4 dny
Pelatkaa pomppupallolla. Play with jumpball.🙃
Challenge: Play table tennis but with two nets stacked on top of each other with only a small gap to go through or over the net.
Next challenge play a 1v1 with the frozen ping pong ball and a frozen ping pong racket (: pls do mine
Luqman Sajid
Luqman Sajid Před 4 dny
Do your intro in Urdu
Rebecca Před 4 dny
Pongfinity you guys should try to play a match but can only use the edge of the ping pong paddle
Daniele Neri
Daniele Neri Před 4 dny
in like a boss compilation #181 there is emil!!!!!
Koot Bender
Koot Bender Před 4 dny
Do a intro in Afrikaans
karimkulam chandrasekaran
Challenge play while solving a cube
Kolackıvo Před 4 dny
play table tennis without you
Mathias Pelo
Mathias Pelo Před 4 dny
Could you make more badminton videos?
Chitra Nagarajan
Chitra Nagarajan Před 4 dny
When you make a video? Play a video for weekly..
Dipanwita Kundu
Dipanwita Kundu Před 4 dny
Challenge: play with a fidget spinner
Batuhan Ayaz
Batuhan Ayaz Před 4 dny
Challenge: Fireball or fire racket
Donskoy Cat
Donskoy Cat Před 4 dny
Challenge: Play whilst having a conversation in German.
XxHäppy_ GächäxX
Challenge: a ping pong, but you have to use the handle of the ping pong paddles
林恆睿 Před 5 dny
Challenge : why don’t you guys add Benedek Olah in Pongfinity game?
xXMegaLordXx mcpro
xXMegaLordXx mcpro Před 5 dny
This is such an entertaining channel to watch, always finding intresting ways to play the game, awesome
Challenge: put the rubber from the paddles on your hands and play like that
Toodles McDoodles
Toodles McDoodles Před 5 dny
play table tennis while listening to one of toodles mcdoodles videos
Equinox Office
Equinox Office Před 5 dny
Do croatia
Anurag Bose
Anurag Bose Před 5 dny
Do another episode of level 1 to 100
Diego W. S. Bui
Diego W. S. Bui Před 5 dny
Challenge: Play with a treadmill, running, walking and more!
Rysiu !
Rysiu ! Před 5 dny
Challange intro in Polish
Aditya Santhosh
Aditya Santhosh Před 5 dny
play table tennis with miika as the table
Tom Koch
Tom Koch Před 5 dny
Do a "dont give me there"-compilation Love you otto
Yamini Kulkarni
Yamini Kulkarni Před 5 dny
For some reason I think Otto is better with straight hands than bent
Alone Gamerz
Alone Gamerz Před 5 dny
Please do stereotypes
Pranav Venkat
Pranav Venkat Před 5 dny
can you talk the intro in tamil
Alice Bridge
Alice Bridge Před 5 dny
Challenge: You have played Tennis on a TableTennis table. Now it is time to play TableTennis on a Tennis court.
CLAP Kid47
CLAP Kid47 Před 5 dny
Are you from Norway
vignesh c
vignesh c Před 5 dny
Challenge : play ping pong dodge ball
Anurag Bose
Anurag Bose Před 5 dny
Big fan
Cool TM
Cool TM Před 5 dny
Challenge : play only with chop blocks
Motocross Mx
Motocross Mx Před 6 dny
Try filling a ping pong ball with argon.
Cadel Tremont
Cadel Tremont Před 6 dny
4:53 That was the shortest challenge of the day Also ever
Před 6 dny
Play table tennis with a tennis ball (don't know if it was done before)
Trey Canete
Trey Canete Před 6 dny
Try playing a table tennis match but each serve has to be a let, and you play with the end of the handle on the paddle.
Vinicius Mattos Colella
יונתן שחר
יונתן שחר Před 6 dny
You should play ping pong on rollerblades
Lieve Henderickx
Lieve Henderickx Před 6 dny
Play table tennis with 0 rules also i like your vids
xKunai Před 6 dny
3:36 I appreciate that the suggestion is from 2 years ago and they still did it haha
Kane Allcock
Kane Allcock Před 6 dny
Challenge: do a rally on a row of many tables and each shot you have to move table and run to the next one
Gorgo dordo
Gorgo dordo Před 6 dny
J e D dupla dinâmica
Pongfinity challange:start the video in portuguese
aswani maramreddy
aswani maramreddy Před 6 dny
Why can't you try frozen ping pong net
Mete Kaya
Mete Kaya Před 6 dny
Play with a frozen racket on a frozen table with frozen ball 🥶
123 456
123 456 Před 6 dny
What kind or rackets do you guys use? would be cool to know each of yours setups rubbers and blades
Vikalp Jain
Vikalp Jain Před 6 dny
It screams... do'nt peal off. do not peal off... :'( I wanna bounce dont peal off.
Umadevi Karthikeyan
Do intro in tamil
Scott Před 6 dny
Play table tennis where there isn’t any gravity
kalpana y
kalpana y Před 6 dny
Play with a pizza slice
Arttu Pohjola
Arttu Pohjola Před 6 dny
Can you make a video about how much you earn money
kalpana y
kalpana y Před 6 dny
Play with a frozen net😂 The only thing left😅😂
Badea Lucian
Badea Lucian Před 6 dny
Try to play with a flower
Irfan Bare
Irfan Bare Před 6 dny
challenge with rexona ball.
Tankthousand YT
Tankthousand YT Před 6 dny
i don’t think ice gonna bounce I hasn’t start watching
Mayank Singal
Mayank Singal Před 6 dny
challenge: volley while you are blind folded
Sjdksbc Dajajebe
Sjdksbc Dajajebe Před 6 dny
Rubber ball . Kauczukiem .
Tristan Booth
Tristan Booth Před 7 dny
play ping pong with a ice hocky stick
Isabeau Seiley
Isabeau Seiley Před 7 dny
The typical island likely observe because rowboat ultrasonically jam absent a crabby gearshift. able, tangible fog
Waizy Před 7 dny
Mohamed Hisham
Mohamed Hisham Před 7 dny
Challenge: play ping pong with the handle of the racket
Callum Fricker
Callum Fricker Před 7 dny
Challenge atach a rope to a ping pong bat and use it like a nunchucks
阿心Katy Před 7 dny
Mahwish Aamer
Mahwish Aamer Před 7 dny
Play with a water Mellon table tens
Long Nguyen
Long Nguyen Před 7 dny
Challenge: Wrap the paddle/racket in front of your forehead. 😂
Fiendman 1
Fiendman 1 Před 7 dny
3:10 Boomer mod
Anmol Nagpal
Anmol Nagpal Před 7 dny
Hi Guyz, I am from India. Just love your content, it's amazing. Hope in future, we will have a table tennis game 😅 Cheers 🥂
Stefanos Stefanou
Stefanos Stefanou Před 7 dny
Play table tennis with drunk goggles, good luck is all I’m gonna say
hugo battilana
hugo battilana Před 7 dny
play table tennis but change hands each shot :)
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