Extremely Hard Ping Pong 

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We drilled a table full of holes and tried playing a table tennis match on it!
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13. 05. 2021





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Pongfinity Před měsícem
From a total disaster to one of the funniest things we've done! 😄 Also, join as a channel member to watch the extended 5 minutes bloopers & behind the scenes from this filming session and many more videos!cscamera.infojoin
Edward Starky
Edward Starky Před 20 dny
Hello, friends. Try playing table tennis with one eye
Daniel Ten Hovemaster
Can Miikka play a game using chops i havent seen him chop yet.
Angom singh
Angom singh Před 23 dny
Emil did Mika died
AURA GAMING Před 25 dny
Hey guys can you make your next videos entry in Tamil please!!!!!!!!!!
Tejaswi Kalaga
Tejaswi Kalaga Před 26 dny
You people can play the same game in reverse... in the sense that you play ping pong on wooden pillars... each point gets you to remove one pillar from your side.
Rocco Reid
Rocco Reid Před 22 hodinami
With tools like that, it's a wonder you don't all live in tents.
Miss Cutenar
Miss Cutenar Před dnem
I feel like you could actually make a table that you can take lots of circular pieces out of, so you could play this multiple times without needing a new table every time
Ilmari I
Ilmari I Před dnem
Pekka is a good coach 👍. He teached me well in PT75
محمد باصبيح
حرام والله خزكته معكم عدي زايد انتو تصدقون علانحه😇
FAVEL Před 3 dny
mma coxwels!!!!!!!
Chipsy Před 3 dny
Ar u to Swedish becuse ur names and I recognize Otto but I don't remember from where
Donna Taylor
Donna Taylor Před 4 dny
Challenge: Play Ping Pong VR
Tripodeo Před 4 dny
10:10 start playing
A.S.T Před 4 dny
This is one of the few youtubers that actually put effort into their videos
Luis d King
Luis d King Před 5 dny
kk de mais
Cadel Tremont
Cadel Tremont Před 5 dny
2:49 We have the w(hole) night ahead of us
Torm Endor
Torm Endor Před 5 dny
Now make a table that only has the cut off parts
WedbeR the boy
WedbeR the boy Před 5 dny
Hey pongnifi play with small bats and big table of ice
Alexandre Před 6 dny
1:45 lol
The Guitar Hobbyist - Stringed Theory Studios
I'm confident with my hole. Thats what she said!!!!
Daniel Dreamgazer
Daniel Dreamgazer Před 6 dny
So either they don't care about the holes or they have amazing aim to miss them
Hariom Dabhi
Hariom Dabhi Před 6 dny
play TT on a water table !!!!!!!!!
Daniel Dreamgazer
Daniel Dreamgazer Před 6 dny
You guys should invent a table where you can remove pre-made holes. I would love to try this
Daniel Dreamgazer
Daniel Dreamgazer Před 7 dny
This is creative
Vítor Martins
Vítor Martins Před 7 dny
"I am also quite confident with my holes, Mr. Bond"
Misaël Dion
Misaël Dion Před 8 dny
june 2021
Mansur Zheksenov
Mansur Zheksenov Před 9 dny
Music in this video is lololoshka's intro music
project zergo pz 50
project zergo pz 50
they can build a table but not dig a jole
Chicken Bisquit
Chicken Bisquit Před 10 dny
Idea, a random hole opens up every pass and pass back and disappears for a new one the next pass and pass back
David Daniels Wong
David Daniels Wong Před 10 dny
Imagine the second bounce goes straight through a hole and the person returns it under the table back through the hole
Chitra Nagarajan
Chitra Nagarajan Před 10 dny
Play Table Tennis with cricket bails and cricket stumps. And play a cricket match for 5 overs. Love from India.
Addeking_08 Před 10 dny
are u guys from finland
Crack Před 11 dny
Otto woke up and chose violence
Blablou Bloubla
Blablou Bloubla Před 11 dny
Hole-y, this video is on a hole new level
Re:Joo Před 11 dny
9:41 look at the numbers
yamen omari
yamen omari Před 11 dny
part 2
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson Před 12 dny
"My Holes are coming into Play" -Emil, 2021
Mario Farone
Mario Farone Před 12 dny
Play a game with drunk goggles on please.
Nico Před 13 dny
An I the only one who is watching pongfinity with a table tennis racket
Connor Wilson
Connor Wilson Před 14 dny
Michael Scott was born for this video
Guido Jansen
Guido Jansen Před 14 dny
Have you ever considered playing upside down?
Ghared Yurel Madrazo
Can you make an episode that one of your eyes is blindfold(like a pirate thing) during a match. Thank you
Ghared Yurel Madrazo
Can you an episode that you play twice the standard height of the table. thank you
Carl Schütze
Carl Schütze Před 14 dny
Such a Good Video
I invite you to my channel☕
Zhexiong Tang
Zhexiong Tang Před 15 dny
PEKKA saves the day!
Malthe damgaard
Malthe damgaard Před 15 dny
Daiane Ianz florao
Daiane Ianz florao Před 15 dny
the most garbage video in the world was bad but do what you know
So basically the table shows how much points they got?
Chad Lumpkins
Chad Lumpkins Před 16 dny
matias Před 16 dny
onks nää suomalaisii
matias Před 16 dny
Pistä tykkäys jos oot suomalaine
Begenc Mollayev
Begenc Mollayev Před 17 dny
Arctican Před 17 dny
7:55 "I am more confident with my 'holes' now" :) :) :) 8:03 "I am also quite confident with my 'holes'" :) :) :)
Putter Pasavadol
Putter Pasavadol Před 17 dny
Sensei Otto teach me your ways I want to get better at ping pong
Jackson Løjsne
Jackson Løjsne Před 17 dny
Intro in Norwegian 🇳🇴
Hilal Jabar
Hilal Jabar Před 17 dny
Try to make 1 video playing pong but use indonesian in 1 video
Ramachandran Krishna Rao
Do your intro in Kannada
L FOR U Před 17 dny
We want vidss
BeastGaming Talks
BeastGaming Talks Před 17 dny
when will next video come
Angel JD
Angel JD Před 17 dny
Play while standing on the table
Gameboymikell Před 18 dny
What table tennis racket do u guys use?
Chr Dani
Chr Dani Před 18 dny
Make a don't give me there compilation video of otto
Divyam Bhatt
Divyam Bhatt Před 18 dny
Challenge:- 1- play with one eye closed 2- play with a football and with legs 3- play on one leg 4- play with every shot as a serve 5- play with half table (2 players on same side of table) 🤟
Joram Wildschut
Joram Wildschut Před 18 dny
Maybe play with dude perfect
Beh Teriki
Beh Teriki Před 18 dny
Why never Emil plays a tournament?l
mrsHaar 51
mrsHaar 51 Před 18 dny
do intro in dutch
Amani ___
Amani ___ Před 18 dny
Do your intro with Malay
CLR_GAMER Před 18 dny
the best idea is do all the holes before the match and then play then the rules are same
Khurshida Polra
Khurshida Polra Před 18 dny
Challenge Pongfinity : please try to play ping pong in kitchen please
Илья Кузьмин
Попробуйте сыграть с помощью гипса наложенного на руку
Chris Yeung
Chris Yeung Před 18 dny
dont know if you guys read this but you should try playing table tennis spike ball style with circle table in the middle
Titus Hillman
Titus Hillman Před 19 dny
Play with the fruit of your choice
Eli Johnson
Eli Johnson Před 19 dny
I gotta challenge idea yall should play with leaf blowers
BotMe Před 19 dny
Pekka is a sick name
BotMe Před 19 dny
Definitely not because i play clash of clans and the pekka is a brute
Tanwir Nory
Tanwir Nory Před 19 dny
4:42 R.I.P bug
Mustafa Tufan
Mustafa Tufan Před 19 dny
He killed an insect Omg Omg @4:42
Sunil Mehta
Sunil Mehta Před 19 dny
Challenge: do your intro in Hindi
Ale V
Ale V Před 19 dny
Marley Grobbelaar
Marley Grobbelaar Před 19 dny
Play ping pong with a tennis ball
romia felix
romia felix Před 19 dny
Do your intro in sinhales...
Hiển Trần
Hiển Trần Před 19 dny
Do you intro in vietnam
پویا رجبی
پویا رجبی Před 19 dny
Aadil Malik
Aadil Malik Před 19 dny
Pongfinity I challenge you guys to have a tournament using only badminton racquets.
Durga Subedi
Durga Subedi Před 19 dny
Plz plz plz give intro in nepali language
Thanh An Nguyen
Thanh An Nguyen Před 19 dny
Play ping pong with a Banada
Suresh Gandhi
Suresh Gandhi Před 19 dny
Can you make your intro in Tamil
ABRASH LAIR Před 19 dny
Play tt while skates on
Henrique  Fischer Bacca
chalange: play with a computer.
Yazuko Edits
Yazuko Edits Před 20 dny
hello my name is Gabriel Henrique, I'm 15 years old, I'm Brazilian, and I've always followed the channel, I like the content a lot, I practice table tennis too, and I have the dream of meeting you, and being able to participate in your routine, train together. I like table tennis a lot, and I think we would have good content ideas to produce together, I'm new, and I want to innovate my life with table tennis.
Victor Před 20 dny
That is a very holy table!
Reaper so2
Reaper so2 Před 20 dny
А здесь есть русские?
Mihaela Levai
Mihaela Levai Před 20 dny
I think they spent more Time making the hole Than playing😂😂😂
JohnnyTheEpic Před 20 dny
do a serve but its an around the net
Edward Starky
Edward Starky Před 20 dny
Hello, friends. Try playing table tennis with one eye
Laife Před 20 dny
Try to play a round of ping pong with your arms completely straight.
chillito Před 20 dny
Crazy how I don’t even play ping pong but I find this channel so entertaining
Cameron YEUNG
Cameron YEUNG Před 20 dny
Video idea: Use different balls as a racket to play e.g playing with a basketball, football, tennis ball as a racket etc
John Cristopher L. Muñiz
" Otto Won the wHOLE Match"
AbzPlays Před 20 dny
Who wants to see the Sensei V Benedek Olah 1 set match ! For 3 million subscribers
Charlie Cattermole
Charlie Cattermole Před 20 dny
you guys should make table tennis bats with those pieces of wood
MR CIGARET 505 Před 20 dny
You play again R
Gordinho Fit TV
Gordinho Fit TV Před 20 dny
I from Brasil, please play beach tennis
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