Pongfinity Ball With 100 Holes 

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Challenge Pongfinity returns with episode 45 full of fun and crazy challenges!
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29. 04. 2021





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Pongfinity Před měsícem
These challenges were a lot of fun to try out! Leave your ideas for the next Challenge Pongfinity episode in the comments below! 👇
Ram Thanggieng
Ram Thanggieng Před 16 dny
there are 10 nets serves , make it 20
qwerty qer
qwerty qer Před 19 dny
Ian Sousa
Ian Sousa Před 27 dny
Do around the net blindfolded
Wilson Zi En Plus
Wilson Zi En Plus Před 29 dny
Is like the toy ping pong ball sound!
Daeveed Johnathan Rieza
Daeveed Johnathan Rieza Před měsícem
Challenge. Play with water filled pingpong
Ali Salama
Ali Salama Před 5 dny
Its like you're playinng in the russian flag background
NickSquaredTV Před 5 dny
I'd be interested to see them poke a little bit larger holes on only one half of the ball. It could act like a wiffle ball and provide an incredible amount of spin
Wake _YT
Wake _YT Před 5 dny
who else doesn't play ping pong but just watches these guys cus there entertaining
Satyavrat Amshula2851-52
Play ping pong with a coin
MUKESH TODI Před 7 dny
Misaël Dion
Misaël Dion Před 8 dny
june 2021
Soviet Gamer
Soviet Gamer Před 8 dny
Judging by the thumbnail i thought the Ball with holes was a golf ball
EUN HO Yoon Před 9 dny
When i grow up i want to be like you guys!
郭志楷 Před 10 dny
Change the net direction
Tamim Ghoul
Tamim Ghoul Před 12 dny
the only balls i want are Mikas :)
AZ - 06GL 782853 Thomas Street MS
Otto can do a 10 net serves intentionally. I do them when i’m scared in a match.
EpicAndrew97 Před 12 dny
It looks a bit like a golfball
S K Panda
S K Panda Před 13 dny
play table tennis by bat
Togler Před 14 dny
Room is a Russian flag. 🇷🇺
RNDM_ ID Před 15 dny
Would have had more interesting shots if the hole sizes were larger and irregularly shaped, kind of like wiffle ball.
Leart _Gaming
Leart _Gaming Před 15 dny
Me and my friend got to round 9
Leart _Gaming
Leart _Gaming Před 15 dny
Ystäväni ja minä pääsimme kierrokselle 9.
Qicheng Sun
Qicheng Sun Před 16 dny
Stefania Alexandrova
play just with a finger without a racket
Arin Nazarian
Arin Nazarian Před 17 dny
Try to do a rally while blindfolded
Blessing infinity
Blessing infinity Před 17 dny
Try playing ping pong with wood
Trent Brown
Trent Brown Před 18 dny
Some say that underneath his beard, Otto keeps a backup beard
Aslam Hilal
Aslam Hilal Před 18 dny
"Its goes hard, if you hit it hard" ~Mikka Lol 😂😂😂
Bagarnas Allstar
Bagarnas Allstar Před 18 dny
It goes hard when you hit it hard. Mikka 2021
aamir akhtar
aamir akhtar Před 18 dny
play table tennis with a ludo dice instead of a ponfinty ball
DumplingsOn60FPS Před 19 dny
can you do you intro in korean plz thanks
吳濬丞 Před 22 dny
Do intro twice, and both of them must be the same. I'm curious that can you read my name or not.
Play with glass top side
Carlos Před 23 dny
hey! can you do and sell oranges balls of ping pong?. Is to pretty to see an oragne one that a white one... on my opinion.. thnks!!
Shilpa Suri
Shilpa Suri Před 23 dny
Pongfinity I love you guys. My only request to you is can you do your intro in Punjabi
Ben L
Ben L Před 23 dny
1:51 Pongfinity: Now we got content
Ben L
Ben L Před 23 dny
1:31 Mrbeast: Its called content
teemu penttilä
teemu penttilä Před 23 dny
Tehkää intro suomeksi. Do the intro in finnish
T-90 is coming
T-90 is coming Před 23 dny
Smash the ball and see how many timeis ittakes tobreak it
Crusader of Memes
Crusader of Memes Před 23 dny
“It goes hard, if you hit it hard” *Every minute in Africa, 60 seconds past*
YouKnow Před 24 dny
should poke holes only to 1 hafl of the ball kinda like a wiffle ball and see how it flyes. maybe it reacts like it a wiffle does
Krishiv Kochar
Krishiv Kochar Před 24 dny
#Challenge: Play table tennis by sitting on the table
Daha kaLOL
Daha kaLOL Před 24 dny
Make intro in czech
Pedro Koury
Pedro Koury Před 25 dny
I dare you to play ping pong while upside down (suspended). You, not the table
Mr Ace
Mr Ace Před 25 dny
play ping pong with a gumball
Flying Colors 99
Flying Colors 99 Před 25 dny
Play Non-dominant hand
Ethan Hedgpeth
Ethan Hedgpeth Před 25 dny
Grade the ball with a cheese grader
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee Před 25 dny
You should try playing ping pong with the table shaped like a upside down 'V' ( ^ shape )
Finn Hayden
Finn Hayden Před 26 dny
Challenge Idea: eat a sandwich in your dominant hand while playing with your non-dominant hand
Finn Hayden
Finn Hayden Před 26 dny
How does this video have dislikes?
Atputhan Segaratnasingam
When have the played real table tennis ?
Try Tricking
Try Tricking Před 26 dny
1: 12 me: ..................................math? sound? wahhhh slow?
Liam F
Liam F Před 26 dny
Play with a golf ball
Hiếu Sports
Hiếu Sports Před 26 dny
Wish everyone would watch the video and comment 
권이찬 Před 26 dny
4:59 it was the most funniest quotation i've ever heard
Kaspar Tsengov
Kaspar Tsengov Před 27 dny
Alternative title: ponginity golf ball
III IQ Před 28 dny
3DW1N Před 28 dny
Jeez, I didn't realize how much skill table tennis took until I found this channel... I mean all the spins and super fast hits
Markitos 05
Markitos 05 Před 28 dny
Make a racket out of concrete
Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts Před 28 dny
Thank you for the inspiring quote at the end miikka
Kabir Sen
Kabir Sen Před 28 dny
#Challenge Play a whole game with roller skates on.
rohit rout
rohit rout Před 28 dny
Make 50 holes in the table and then play
Æ Blank
Æ Blank Před 29 dny
Play with golf clubs
Benike Před 29 dny
Тут есть русские?
Lloyd Miskey
Lloyd Miskey Před 29 dny
So sick bro 😎
Hanson Lim
Hanson Lim Před 29 dny
1:43 before and after = my face before and after puberty
Paul Phoenix
Paul Phoenix Před 29 dny
use a led ping pong ball and play in the dark
MrBanana Před měsícem
play with a golf ball
Aaraiz Asad
Aaraiz Asad Před měsícem
#Challenge play with your racket taped to your elbows
Hanh Dinh
Hanh Dinh Před měsícem
#challenge pongfinity Play with only 🐍 bite
Jick Hertz
Jick Hertz Před měsícem
ChiLing saysHi
ChiLing saysHi Před měsícem
"It's like there's something weird about it" "The sound is so weird" The way these two were said was quite similar Imao
Krishiv Kochar
Krishiv Kochar Před měsícem
Challenge:Play 100 shots in 1 minute
Manuel Popa
Manuel Popa Před měsícem
Play ping pong with a piece of Lego
3D pen Crafts
3D pen Crafts Před měsícem
Challenge : play with your elbow
Benjamin Fife 2
Benjamin Fife 2 Před měsícem
do another gun game and try ping pong while swimming
Legend Před měsícem
Use a golf ball
Aleksandar Petrović
Aleksandar Petrović Před měsícem
moj brat na introu
Do a around the net shot with bare hands
Faheem Danish
Faheem Danish Před měsícem
Play cricket
Dean Sexton
Dean Sexton Před měsícem
Volley as long as you can and then see what the time was.
Gabriela Alvarado
Gabriela Alvarado Před měsícem
Poke 1000 holes
FaZeLuca Tom
FaZeLuca Tom Před měsícem
I love this chalanges
Muhammad Hamzah
Muhammad Hamzah Před měsícem
Challenge: Do a consecutive 6 around the net shots with a ball which has 60 holes
Fruity08 Před měsícem
Try to do jour intro in swedish
Sohan Gorkhali
Sohan Gorkhali Před měsícem
Give intro in Nepali language
IvaNN Před měsícem
Do an intro on serbian
Siniša Bizjak
Siniša Bizjak Před měsícem
play ping pong but instead using a ball use a kinder egg
CHtristanAN128 Před měsícem
Can you rally with only around the net shots? How many can you do?
Krishna agarwal
Krishna agarwal Před měsícem
Play table tennis by shooting a nerf gun
Jaxson Planta
Jaxson Planta Před měsícem
Linh V
Linh V Před měsícem
Challenge: play when you’re only allowed to look at the livestream of what is going on (like set up a big screen on the side of the table and you can only look at the screen). Thanks for all the great videos!
Steve Lim
Steve Lim Před měsícem
Challenge: Play ping pong after different degree of drunk (after drinking beer, soju, vodka etc)
AJ co
AJ co Před měsícem
Have guys tried playing with a golfball?
Rahul Honey
Rahul Honey Před měsícem
can you play with elbow
AN Gaming
AN Gaming Před měsícem
Challenge: try to speak in Tamil in your next challenge video
hitsujiひつじ Před měsícem
Can you play table tennis with a ball which is filled with water?
Minh, Nhat Tran
Minh, Nhat Tran Před měsícem
do an intro and outro with vietnamese
Brandon L
Brandon L Před měsícem
#Challenge: use the wood part of the bat (the part you usually holds) instead of the rubber part (the part you usually use to hit the ball with)
Xiu Hang
Xiu Hang Před měsícem
Challenge idea: Play with a racket that has a hole in the center like you did before, but put a new whole rubber on the racket.
Jai Borress
Jai Borress Před měsícem
challenge: play ping pong with a video game controller
Emoney Bob
Emoney Bob Před měsícem
Challange: Play table tennis with a super high net
John Bailey
John Bailey Před měsícem
The ball with holes in it started looking like a golf ball
Carson Baker
Carson Baker Před měsícem
Ok the 10 net serves in a row was super impressive
Jason Wong
Jason Wong Před měsícem
play table tennis with blow or hand
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